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The hidden power of Pranic Healing® and Reiki


I had been practicing Reiki for over 3 years when I learnt about Pranic Healing.

The real reason for me to follow Pranic Healing training, is because I was already amazed with the power of Reiki but there were many points that were not satisfactory for me:

For instance all of the sensations, perceptions that I felt through my hands didn’t have any intellectual explanation in the Reiki world. I needed to understand better, and that is when I heard about Pranic Healing and the way it works, so I enrolled for Level Ⅰ

And I was not disappointed with the first class, suddenly a lot of my questions were answered, And most importantly I feel that my potency is increasing at a fast pace as I practice more and more the techniques, it feels that I gradually “empower my power” if I can say things like this. I am no longer passing on energy blindly, but I am now directing the healing on specific ailments with better understanding of how everything works.

To me it is especially important because I am actually a professional healer and I needed this knowledge in order to protect myself against diseased energy from patients. I intend to continue the learning up to more level. (Marjorie M)







なぜなら、私はプロのヒーラーであり、患者からの病気のエネルギーから身を守るために、この知識が必要だったからです。これからも、さらにレベルアップして学んでいきたいと思います。(マジョリー M)




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