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Father's disease and miracles

One day three weeks after taking Pranic Healing Level 1, my mother called me. "Dad coughed and coughed a lot of blood in his hands and was hospitalized !!”

A few years ago, he was diagnosed to have lung cancer at a medical checkup and continued treatment. He lived at home with a check-up every two months. I wondered if his health detoriated suddenly. The hospital is about an hour and a half drive from my place of residence, and I can't get there immediately. But I can do Pranic Healing! I tried basic healing.

In the evening, I received a follow-up report. The bleeding had not stopped, and if it does not stop, a tracheostomy may be required. I think there is something else that can be done with Pranic Healing. I called Kanae. Fortunately, she picked up the phone. She taught me how to do distant healing. I prayed and healed, envisioning how my father would get better.

That night, my mother, who was present at the hospital, called me. He was calm and the bleeding had stopped. He will be hospitalized for a while。

And next Saturday, I went to the hospital to visit my father. My father looked finer than I expected. When I asked, "What was the result of the test?" He said,"The doctor said no abnormality was found anywhere. I can leave the hospital." I was very surprised. I didn't think deeply because I was glad my father was fine.

He has been in good physical condition since then, and three years later, he visits the hospital only once every three months. Looking back on those days, Pranic Healing is amazing. Of course, I strongly thought, "I want to stop my father's bleeding." Regardless of whether I just took Level 1 or a remote location, if I followed the prescribed procedure, I could work on the other person's body and help healing. (Ayumi Y.)

* (Note) Pranic Healing does not deny medical treatment.

It is thought that healing can be promoted by using Pranic Healing while receiving necessary tests and treatments.









当時を振り返って思うことは、プラニック・ヒーリングはすごいということである。「父の出血を止めたい」という強い思いはもちろんあったが、レベル1を受講しただけの私であっても、離れた場所であっても、決められた手順通りに行えば、身体に働き掛けることができ、治癒を助けることができたのだ。(Ayumi Y.)





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